CCW Classes Milwaukee with Wisconsin Firearms Training

CCW Classes Milwaukee - Wisconsin Firearms Training

Wisconsin Firearms Training offers concealed carry classes in Milwaukee. CCW Classes with Wisconsin Firearms Training means you will not only be certified by a Wisconsin DOJ approved organization, but you will also have the knowledge and training to carry a firearm legally and responsibly

The primary focus of Wisconsin Firearms Training is to teach individuals the responsibility involved with firearms usage. Knowing how to properly use a firearm is the only way that firearm will be able to protect yourself and your family. Without that knowledge, firearms can potentially do more harm than good. Wisconsin Firearms Training also offers live fire firearm training courses to advance your competence and confidence handling both pistols and carbines.

But it all starts with becoming certified. Enroll in our CCW classes today to start your path to safe concealed carry training.

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Wisconsin Firearms Training specializes in:

  • Providing Wisconsin residents with the training requirement for the Resident Concealed Carry License (CCW license/permit). Additionally, we also offer classes which meet the training requirement for the Utah and Florida non-resident permits.

  • Live fire training for both handguns and carbines.

We are currently offering Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) certified training classes for your Wisconsin Concealed Carry License in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Our instructors have many years of experience in local law enforcement and firearms training, and are currently certified by the State of Wisconsin and the State of Utah in firearms instruction. Our live fire training classes are held at the private Law Enforcement Range at McMiller Sports Center, S103 W38754 County Road NN, Eagle, WI 53119. This provides a quality training environment to maximize the learning experience for our students!

See our Live Fire Training and Classroom Training pages for complete list of classes and the calendar page for dates and times.



Why train with Wisconsin Firearms Training?

    • Keep your money in-state! Consider doing business with a local, Wisconsin owned and operated company!

    • All our live fire training is done on a private range to minimize distractions and maintain a high quality training environment.

    • Our class structure guarantees a very low student to instructor ratio (usually 2 to 1!). This structure also gives our students almost no down time on the range. The vast majority of your allotted range time you are doing one of three things: receiving instruction, shooting, or reloading to shoot again. Other training companies may offer a 5 hour live fire course, for example, but the majority of the time is spent waiting for another repetition, as there are only so many spots on a given range.

    • These benefits allow our instructors to take their time, and diagnose your shooting needs. We don’t run people through like an assembly line!


Private Training

Are you looking for private training classes? We offer private training for all of our classes at your location or ours, for 1 to 30 students – Contact us today to discuss your training needs!


Gift Certificates

We offer Gift Certificates for all of our classes. Get your loved ones the gift of self defense this year! Contact us for more information.


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